Supercharge your Blogging Business with the Perfect Roadmap

The Step by Step Action plan to turn your Blog into a Profitable Online Business

without Selling your soul

losing your sanity,

crying bucketload of tears.


Does this sound familiar?

You started a blog and want to build online business.

You get stuck with the content hamster wheel, where you create epic blog content with 2000 words without knowing what is important.

You try out every tool and tricks every day, Reading up on posts and signing up for webinars, Following new influencers day by day.

You think ten steps ahead (Facebook ads? Podcast? I need a designer and a logo etc.).

Updating the theme and design outlook of your blog every day.

Comparing yourself with someone who has more than 10K followers and copying their website design and changing that all the time.

Shifting from one social media to another to get your targeted traffic.

You waste countless hours on things that aren’t yet relevant rather than the stuff that matters most.

That’s because you don’t know quite know what matters!

You’ve become a victim of analysis paralysis.

You’ve gotten so stuck in the reading and researching stage of your blog that you just can’t seem to move away from that to planning and doing.

All that initial excitement is over. The overwhelm with EVERYTHING you need to do and learn.

Your blog is forever in the ‘launching’ mode.

You make no progress.No money.

And you’re this close to throwing in the towel.

Sound familiar?

You can work as a digital slave to start and grow your blog but all those hours don’t matter if you don’t have a plan for success or clear roadmap to follow.

If you’re nodding YES to these, I have your back!


Who am i to teach you this?

Meet Durga Thiyagarajan

Hi, I’m Durga, Digital Marketing Consultant and a blogger.

I help bloggers and solopreneurs create authentic blogs and businesses by simplifying digital marketing and blogging through step-by-step action plans and bite sized strategies so that you not only get it done without frustration and overwhelm.

Three Simple Reasons to trust me

I started at Sub zero like you

I had limited money

I had limited time

I have first-hand experience with the hardship, overwhelm and anxiety that occurs with setting up a new blog.

I started at sub-zero in August 2016, having never blogged before in my career.

No one noticed I survived.

I was not part of any mastermind groups, nor did I have companions who had been blogging for years.

But in 2 years I developed my blog, received tonnes of love notes from my readers.

Like you, I had restricted hours to blog each day.

I was working for a digital marketing agency and I had a little one at home.

I also didn’t have hundreds of dollars to invest in prominent themes and courses.

Neither did I wish to waste my time on knowledge that was thin.

Like you, I preferred a simplified Road-map of the full handling of setting up my blog and business without getting to advance through hoops…

Something that would serve me to my destination with less interruption and better focus.

It took enough trial and error to frame a profitable blogging system that I know now.

With the vast knowledge of digital marketing, I have curated this system specifically for bloggers who are technically new like me. 

I want to show you how you can do the same!

What is inside Profitable Blogging business?

No matter what type of blog you are starting.There are some core components you want to focus on when you want to make a business out of your blog.

This eBook helps you setup the core components with the bite-sized strategies. 

These are easy to learn for non-techy guys like me. This eBook is not to master blogging. It takes several years for that. This book gives you a plan, a perfect road map for your business. 

At the end of every chapter you will find an action step along with the workbooks I personally use. 


  • Fix your perfect niche from Day-1 
  • A simple exercise that helps you find the niche that you love to work.
  • The Perfect Niche Finder workbook helps you defining the message that you want to share with your audience.
  • SEO- curated only for bloggers.Helps you build a better blog from day 1.


  • A better content building technique that defines the purpose and determine content categories that play a better role in your marketing strategy.
  • Easy method to find the raving content curated for different audience segment.
  • Plug  and play workbook to define your contents and blog maintenance book.


  • Promotion and traffic techniques to drive eyeballs when your blog is brand new
  • How to capture that traffic and convert them to subscribers
  • The ultimate product creator workbook helps you with an easy idea to create a freebie and product.

The business roadmap

  • Two different strategies for freelancers and product creators. The better the focus higher is the chance of conversion.
  • Different Models and how to pick the right one based on your strengths

2 startup plans

  • Choose from 2 launch plans and know exactly what you need to have prepared before promoting your blog
  • Detailed task list with step-by-step instructions on what to do to launch your blog

The Pyramid Blogging system

  • Managing the blogging tasks based on daily,weekly and monthly.
  • The tools that you might need to help uncover the tasks
  • The ultimate guide to outsource the tasks.


What people are telling?

I feel that for the price I paid, I got a LOT of content.

I really appreciate that. I have bought other books on the same subject, and it feels like I barely received anything useful. 

You made everything easy to understand. I will absolutely recommend it to others. Thank you for creating this! 


I’m loving the ebook!

Out of all the ones I read about, your approach and style seemed to be the most relatable and detailed as to how to handle everything soup to nuts. I’m still working through it all very slowly but it has certainly helped tremendously in helping me narrow down so much in terms of voice, branding and writing style.


This is all they need to get started…

Really loved this ebook. I like that it’s short, inexpensive, and has lots of info and resources in it for beginner bloggers without getting overwhelming. It shows you what to focus on and what to not focus on. Will definitely be recommending this for beginner bloggers since I believe this is all they need to get started.

Kadireen k sharad

Reasons to get this ebook

  • Based on My Personal Experiences— I created the profitable business roadmap using the success I got throughout the years and still apply them daily. Learn EXACTLY how I handle my own blogging business.
  • Easy to Implement— There’s no need to purchase anything or learn sophisticated tools to apply these secrets. You can start using them right away to immediately to supercharge your business.
  • Bite sized actionable steps along with workbooks— At the end of every chapter there is an action step to do along with the workbook needed for you at that step.
  • Digital workbooks-The Plug and Play that saves you from printing and filing and searching your progress. 

Wait, there is more…

When you make the wise decision to grab this ebook today, you’ll also get these fast action bonuses…

Profitable Bonus #1: The Profitable Business kit

9 Digital workbooks that helps you fix your work and track your progress. 

These workbooks with simple exercises will keep you updated with the business knowledge

Valued at ₹999

Profitable Bonus #2: Blog Business Workbook

This 40+ page workbook contains the detailed analysis tricks which would help you launch. For you, I’ve compiled all of the options with their relevant segment so that you can focus on producing right set of target audience!

Valued at ₹999

Profitable Bonus #3: Blog planner

This 40+ page planner helps you in the every aspect of planning. Not every beginner is good at planning, this blog planner has everything right from blog planning to social media planning

Valued at ₹499

Profitable Bonus #4: Exclusive 5 days Whatsapp class

Unlike the other bloggers, who just sell their products, you can access my 5-days over the shoulder whatsapp training. I help you personally on all the doubts in the 5 days

Valued at ₹1999

100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Here is a Recap of


Everything you will get

when you purchase ‘The Profitable Blogging Business’ Today

The Profitable Blogging System – ₹499

Bonus #1:The Profitable blogging business kit- ₹999

Bonus #2:The Blog Business Workbook- ₹999

Bonus #3:The Blog Planner 2020 –₹499

Bonus #4:5-Days Exclusive training-₹1999

Total Value : ₹4992

Total Value -₹4992

Get’The Profitable Blogging Business’

For Only ₹499

How this book is different from other blogging books?

Other Blogging Books

  • Give a broad overview of blogging basics
  • Does not cover how to be strategic about your content, how to stand out or define your brand and brand voice.
  • Does not cover email lists in any kind of detail. A critical piece of the puzzle is left out.

The Profitable Blogging Business

  • Teaches you to view yourself as a personal brand
  • Covers detailed elements like defining your brand and writing voice
  • Teaches you what you need to do to turn your blog into a business
  • Shows you how to define your content categories.
  • Walks through two different startup methods for service providers and course creators.
  • Every chapter has an action step included with the workbooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this book?

This book is 153 pages long with all the detailed startegies to convert a blog into a business.

What is all included in the purchase?

You will get an ebook- The Profitable blogging system along with 9 workbooks that can be used digitally.

I am A fresher, will this be useful for me

Exactly. This book helps you in building strong strategy about the business. The technical part of setup can be learnt through youtube and other tutorials. 

Do I need to purchase any third party tools?

No. I have mentioned the tools i use. But it is completely upto you to buy. You can work even without the tools i mentioned.

What happens after i make the payment?

Once you make the payment, you’ll instantly get access to our eBook. You’ll receive an email where you can find an exclusive download link to grab the eBook and promised bonuses.

Get’The Profitable Blogging Business’

For Only ₹499